2010-07-01 : Added credit cards to the Holidays sections

2010-06-19 : Added ice creams to the Food section

2008-08-04 : Added a CD jewel case to the music section

2008-02-05 : Added new items to the Home section

2008-01-04 : Added keys to the tools section

2007-12-25 : Merry Xmas ! Added Xmas ornaments to the Events section

2007-09-03 : Added items to the Security section

2007-08-03 : Added a TFT screen to the computers section, a pen and earbuds to the music section

2007-07-02 : Added and cables to the computers section

2007-06-03 : Added items to the Office section

2007-06-02 : Added a laptop to the computers section and a copy machine to the office section

2007-05-01 : Added some office supplies and special items for the 1st of May.

2007-04-08 : Happy Easter to everyone !

2007-03-06 : Added a few items in the office section

2007-02-05 : Added locks to the home and tools section

2007-01-03 : I wish to you all a happy new year ! Added some DJ turntables to the music section.

2006-12-03 : Inserted some beauty items in the bathroom section adn a few more tableware.

2006-11-04 : Added some tableware

2006-10-03 : Added clothes pegs to the Home section and shopping carts to the Home > Misc section. A part of the objects in the misc sections have been moved in the bathroom section

2006-09-03 : Added scart connectors to the Home > DVD section

2006-08-01 : Added some other views of my DVD recorder to the Home section

2006-07-01 : Added a DVD recorder to the Home section

2006-03-01 : Added an item to the Transport > misc section

2006-02-01 : Added a laptop and a folder to the office section.

2006-01-01 : All the best for 2006 !

Added a bow to the Events - Xmas section

2005-12-25 : Marry Xmas to everyone !

2005-10-06 : Added an Archos jukebox to the computers page

2005-09-14 : Added razors to the home page, a locomotive to the transports page, birthday candles to the birthday page

2005-08-09 : Added pencils to the office supplies page, and 2 cell phones to the phones page.

2005-07-15 : added umbrellas to the clothes page and a stool to the furniture page

4th June 2005 : added a page with cute 3D bacterias

23th April 2005 : Karine's Gifart illustrated the website Tap dance à Antibes

9th April 2005 : added a new page for music items

5th March 2005 : added 3 other trash cans as well as tables to the Home section

11th February 2005 : added some cute trash cans to the Home section

22nd January 2005 : Added flags, items to the Home section.

1st January 2005 : Happy new year !

16th December 2004 : I have changed my mail address. You can now reach me through a contact form

14th October 2004 : added some objects to the Computers, Boats and Planes section

24th September 2004 : added some objects to the Computers, Holidays and Home section

20th August 2004 : added some objects to the Television section

26th April 2004 : Created a new section for Hotair balloons.

12th February 2004: Created a new section for Borders and added a few items to Holidays

12th January 2004 : Happy new year 2004 ! updated the sections Home, Events and Sports

17th June 2003 : updated the section Animated with 2 new items... And corrected a few broken links (thanks to Bernard)

24th April 2003: updated the section Medical with a few new items... Added a section for boats. Now you can download the Cool 3D templates of some of the 3D gifs of this site. Just click on the logo

15th March 2003 : updated the Home sections with a few new items...

5th February 2003 : updated the Home and Sports sections with a few new items...

12th September 2002 : a new website made by the webmaster of GifArt. Discover the magic of mosaics...

18th July 2002 - Added a new section dedicated to sports

11th June 2002 - Gifart has moved to another location. Now we are hosted by Free.fr, which means no annoying banners anymore, and a counter that will work (at last). You can have a look at the artworks that were submitted for the Cool 3D 2001 Contest here. And I added a few objects to the Home section !

26th April 2002 - I am changing my e-mail address !

19th February 2002 - Added hotairs and boats to the Transports section and Dinosaurs to the Animals section.

19th December 2001 - Added deskchairs to the Office section and an artwork to the Ulead Cool 3D 3.5 contest. The 2 other artworks are still in competition but you have to browse to the page 2.

4th December 2001 - I am competing for the Ulead Cool 3D 3.5 contest. Click here to view the artworks competing and vote for your favourite ones (why not mine ?)

6th November 2001 - Added some fish to the sea animals page. GIFart is now featured by the Ulead Cool 3D official website

15th October 2001 - Created a page for birds

1st October 2001 - Added a few medical (and veterinary) objects.

2nd September - This is Karine's Gifart's second birthday !

28th august 2001 - Added 1 page dedicated to food to the Home section.

12th august 2001 - Added 1 page dedicated to furniture to the Home section.

31st july 2001 - Added 1 page dedicated to painting to the Home section

30th march 2001 - Added 2 pages of musical instruments

21st january 2001 - Added 2 pages of new flags

5th january 2001- I wish you a happy new year ! Added some phones to the Office section.

25th december 2000 - Merry Christmas to you all ! Updated the Animals section

13th december 2000 - A new look for GifArt's menu. Created 2 new sections : Christmas and Computers

16th september 2000 - Created a new section : sunglasses

2nd september 2000 - This is GIFart's first birthday. And if Geocities had no reset my counter there would be almost 500 people who would have visited my website.

23rd august 2000 - Created a new section : medical objects

31st july 2000 - Created a new section : animals

5th july 2000 - Massive update with a lot of new sections and objects !

26th april 2000 - Updated animated and misc section (which contains now 3 sub-sections : buttons, bars and events)

2nd february 2000 - Updated animated and misc sections

15th december 1999 - Modified the front page's aspect. Merry Xmas 2 everyone !

3rd december 1999 - Added a new section : animated gifs

2nd december 1999 - Updated arrows section : added a brand new second page full of new crazy arrows !

2nd september 1999 - Creation of Karine's GIFart page

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